Add A Custom Made Slip To My Order

If your little treasure might be concerned with an itchy dress, skirt or costume, or you might be concerned with how see through it might be, then this link allows you to add a custom slip to your order. We will make it in the best color match to your purchase.  A liner can also be customized and added to your order as well.


What We Need to Know:

1.  Normal Size

2.  Waist Size

3.  Slip Style number from Collage.  

3.  Color Choice  (see color choices below)
(This link is intended for an additional purchase to your dress, skirt or costume and therefore is free of shipping charges. If you would like to purchase this listing, but have not purchased one of our dresses, skirts or costumes as well, please contact us for shipping estimates for your location. Thank you.)

Add A Custom Made Slip To My Order

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